Monster Movie

Really struggling with my feelings on Woody Allen. Since college he has been a comedy writing and cinematic hero of mine. Manhattan is one of my favorite movies of all-time. He is one of the reasons I fell in love with New York City and decided to move here as a teenager.

I’ve read everything I possibly could about the claims against him, the investigation into the allegations and the findings. Although they officially didn’t charge him with anything, there was apparently plenty of evidence to support the claims. There were eyewitnesses who claimed they witnessed the inappropriate behavior. The DA did not want to put a child on the stand and they felt they could not have convicted him without it.

Legally, he has never been convicted of any crime.

That’s what the actors who continue to work with him say and, technically, it’s true.

In my head, that’s what I say to myself as I watch Annie Hall and laugh.

In my heart, I know I’m watching a monster who beat the system.