The Most Dangerous Man on the Planet

Donald Trump scares me.

Actually, to be more precise, the people who support Donald Trump scare me. I clearly understand that there is a portion of society that is racist, xenophobic, bigoted and hateful. What let me sleep at night is the notion that these people were generally quiet in their beliefs or vocal to a small extent, knowing that the general public did not share their opinions. Donald Trump has now provided a platform for these individuals and groups and empowered them to be more vocal. 

The hateful rhetoric of Trump has given the hateful a platform from which they can now publicly and loudly proclaim their message. Trump obscures the underlying hate with slogans like "Make America Great Again" or "Take Our Country Back". The subtext is clearly that minorities, foreigners and liberals have taken over and need to be vanquished. Trump's America is a sea of white, middle to upper class men with their loyal wives at their side and their 2.5 kids. 

The danger in Trump's hate rhetoric is that it is emboldening the fringe element. It is empowering them to be more vocal and unfortunately more physical in their expressions of anger. He's tapped into the deep-rooted racism and hatred of these people and struck a chord that they relate to and use as a marching order. 

My fear is that win or lose, he has lit a fire that will not extinguish quickly.