The windows killer?

Google today formally announced its plan for a light, flexible desktop Operating System. The forthcoming “Chrome” OS will culminate what has been years of speculation about Google’s long-term plans for its entry into the Operating System fray.

Google has been throwing a lot of its weight behind its smartphone OS (Android) and the devices are just now hitting the market to rave reviews. The Chrome OS will certainly be targeted directly at Microsoft and their eternal domination of the desktop environment. The Chrome OS, which will presumably be free, would certainly be considered a clear and present danger to Microsoft.

While the Mac OS and Linux have a fervent and vocal following, they are still both niche players in the OS market. Google’s domination of search will certainly translate into millions of users initially who will jump onto Chrome to see what it has to offer.

Naturally there will be some growing pains and some compatibility issues as Chrome grows into itself, but expectations are high.

The battle for your desktop just got a whole lot more interesting…