The Happiest place on earth

For me there are two places on this Earth that call out to me.

One is New York City which is my home. The other is Napa Valley, California.

I have been an oenophile for over 17 years now. Wine plays a big part in my life actually.I buy it,  I drink it, I read about it, I write about it and I make it. Winemaking has been a tradition in the Ricciardi family since I first watched my grandfather making his homemade batch in the basement of my grandparents apartment in the Bronx.

From that time on, I’ve always been fascinated by wine and everything surrounding it. I’ve been lucky enough to visit three of the top wine regions in the world, Tuscany, Bordeaux and Napa Valley. I just recently returned from a trip to Napa and I can honestly say, it is the happiest place on Earth. Besides the world-class wine being produced there, Napa has an incredible climate that suits me perfectly. It’s comfortable 75-80 during the days with low humidity and about 8-10 degreed cooler at night. The views are breathtaking and the people are generally friendly and warm. Some of the best restaurants on the planet happen to be in Napa as well as some of the finest produce in the United States. All these things add up to a magical environment that I look forward to returning to as much as possible. I’ve been there 4 times in the last 6 years and I still miss it.

If I ever tire of living in New York, my next home is an obvious choice.