Singers and Songwriters

For about 5 years, I’ve had the Sirius Satellite Radio service. When I originally got it, my thinking was there was a huge number of stations with lots of content I would enjoy. I quickly realized the service was only useful to me for 3 items: Howard Stern, Live NFL Games, and Coffeehouse.

Sirius Coffeehouse is a station that describes itself as “Singers and Songwriters”. I describe it as someone went into my itunes library, picked out the songs that I listen to most and built a station around it. Essentially, Coffeehouse is the perfect station for my musical tastes. They somehow managed to create a station that combines acoustic guitar with piano-based songs and certain pop and classic tunes. They will mix together artists like Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, Amy Winehouse, The Beatles and R.E.M. It’s easily the most eclectic blend of music I’ve ever heard and remarkably, exactly the artists I enjoy. I actually dropped my Sirius service a few months ago, but I am about to add the service again. I miss the Coffeehouse too much.