New Beginnings

Simon started his first day of camp today.

As I walked him to the bus stop at our corner, I could see the nervousness in his face. He didn’t outwardly express any concerns, but I could tell he was a little apprehensive about the whole scenario.

He would be taking the bus with a friend from school, so that would soften the impact of the hour long bus ride to Rockland County. Or so I hoped.

As we waited for the bus to arrive he began to pepper me with a series of probing, but relevant questions about the bus ride and the camp itself.

“How do we know what the right bus is?”

“What is the bus drivers name?”

“What if they’re late?”

After I answered the fourth or fifth question, the short bus arrived. He gave me a big hug (a rarity) and held my hand (even rarer) and led me towards the idling vehicle.

He stepped up without hesitation and sat in his seat. He then gave me a quick, nervous smile and waved as he descended into the unknown.

He’s much braver than I was, am or ever will be.