I want it and I want it now

I woke early one morning last week with the boys and started to make them breakfast. As I was preparing their waffles, Simon shouted into the kitchen if I could please put on a Spiderman cartoon. I wasn’t sure if we had any Spiderman cartoon available immediately, but I did know that a couple of minutes of searching would turn something up.

I’ve begun to realize that my kids are living in the midst of an “on demand” society where almost all consumable digital content is available at their fingertips. It’s rare these days that I think about a song and can’t be listening to it within 5 minutes. Lots has been made about video on demand and instant download content. While everyone seems to be clamoring to provide deliverable content, there is no shortage of media available if you know where to look and how to obtain it. My kids will never have to know the grief I felt after missing a certain television show and having to hear everyone at school talking about it the next day. They can simply download the episode and watch it at their leisure. I guess in a society where we aim for instant gratification, digital content is the easiest of those things to provide.