Gizmodo altercation

So at, I have a really great girl named Sara doing Marketing for us. She’s smart, dedicated, hard-working and genuine. I’m grateful for having met her and for her agreeing to help us.

Sara came to us a few days ago with terrific news. The renowned gadget site Gizmodo had agreed to feature in their “Dealzmodo” feature which offers discounts on tech related items. Gizmodo has a huge readership and it was a tremendous opportunity for the us.

So as the day approached, I walked into the office to see Sara with a sullen look on her face. She said that at the last minute, the editor decided to pull the offer and we were not being featured.

I suggested she write the editor and see what happened. Apparently someone without final approval powers had given her a thumbs up on our listing even though he should not have. She followed up by asking if there was anything we could do (such as offer their readers and even larger discount on our service) to be listed in a future “Dealzmodo” feature. Editor Jason Chen replied by accusing Sara of going behind his back and engineering our listing somehow.

That set me off.

I immediately began a series of emails to Mr. Chen asking him to clarify his position. His emails started out smug and became less and less comprehensible as he started backtracking on what he had originally told Sara. There was no logic to what he was saying and he could see that plainly. There was obviously a major screwup at Gizmodo and he was back peddling as quickly as possible.

A simple apology would have been enough, but he persisted to argue an illogical and factually incorrect point.

I ended the thread by telling him that we wanted nothing to do with Gizmodo and his actions had been unprofessional and classless.

Unfortunate as Gizmodo was one of my favorite sites and one that I checked multiple times a day.

Learning a little bit about the person at the top left such a bad taste in my mouth, I won’t be going back again.