Boys 2 Men

Simon's 12th birthday just passed. As he and I sat in the car on the way to my apt, I had a short chat with him about growing up and how he's transitioning from a boy into a young man. We discussed some of the added responsibilities he would have and how more would be expected of him in certain areas. He seemed to take it all in stride.

As I watch my boys grow into young men, I have such mixed emotions. For example, Elliot telling me recently that he was NOT going to sit on Santa's lap this year for a picture because Santa "isn't real" and "only babies do that". As the words came out of his mouth, I could feel myself deflating. 

Visiting Santa was something I did my entire childhood and something I presumed my boys would do until they were, well, at the age they are now I suppose.

As he approaches 10 years old, I guess Santa isn't relevant in his life anymore.

I guess what I fear the most is that the things that accompany childhood don't get left behind. Things like wonder, joy and imagination.

They have their entire lives to be cynical adults. At this point in their youth I hope they never lose the sense of endless possibility and magic.